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Welcome to the first one stop shop for a list of all accredited trades or services for your county.Only ten of the top ten tradesmen or services will be listed from each category. Allowing you a choice from the best.

The aim of this site is to take the worry out of finding competent, reliable, trustworthy contractors. Our website is a unique opportunity to get the trade you require right the first time.

No more trawling through endless papers, search engines, or relying on bogus advice with 3 clicks you will find a trading standards approved contractor or a accredited trades or service.

Choose your area, and then select the trade. It's as simple as that.

Here is a little about us

We are an independent family run business.
This site has been put together after hearing of the growing number of horror stories and first account experiences we have had ourselves of bogus 'builders' and 'cowboy' tradesmen.
We also have searched through papers, websites ect. looking for legitimate contractors and have been very dissatisfied with the services provided.The claims these websites were making about their so called 'self vetted' tradesmen is mostly untrue i suspect and in a lot of other cases.

The number of complaints arising from 'bogus' trades is ever increasing. This site will give you a list of the top ten accredited trades or services for your counties and is therefore a good indication of the service you should expect and receive.

We hope to help restore your faith in hiring a contractor and take the stress and worry out of it all.
If you wish to leave feedback about the contactor after the completion of any works please do so.It will allow us to use the information given by you to make this site more effective for the user.

If you wish to email us with any comments, suggestions or ideas about this site this is warmly welcomed! 

If you want to read about news stories relating to bogus builders and more

We also have a simple forum where you can chat about anything and post details of your buisness.

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All the best and hope to here from you

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